Recent Family News

January 2016: Bernadette took a house at San Remo for the first two weeks of the year, playing host to chldren, grand-children and other family members. Michael had an easier, if colder, time on-board the Akademik Ioffe, travelling to the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

November 2015: David and Kendell have decided to move. They have bought a house in Wingate Street East Bentleigh and are moving from their place in South Road. It isn't far, but it is off the main road and is a larger place - with the classic "opportunity to renovate". In fact, they did do a very substantial renovation, which cleaned the interior up in avery major way. While this happened, they camped with us for two weeks. With Christmas approaching, they are safely in their sparkling new abode.

25th May 2014: Georgia Joan Entwisle was born at 5:22 pm at Cabrini Hospital. Kendell and David are delighted. Georgia is a sister to Lachlan and a cousin to Kain and Alexander. Georgia weighed 3.080 kg and was 49 cm long.

January 2014: Bernadette and Michael headed to Darwin, travelling there on the Ghan. James spent the month relaxing before starting his new career as a teacher in February.

Aug - Sep 2013: Bernadette & Michael took a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, including some time in Alaska, and then met Christine and Maurice in Montreal for a four week exploration of Canada. We visited east coast cities and then took a train across Canada to the Rockies, before ending in Vancouver.

28th March 2013: Alexander Joshua Entwisle was born at 3:52 pm at Epworth Freemason's Hospital. Ghislaine and Paul are delighted. Alexander is a brother to Kain and a cousin to Lachlan. Alexander weighed 3.765 kg (8 lb 5 oz in the old terminology) and was 48 cm long.

21st October 2012:James is off to Germany today to spend four months learning German in Dresden.

3rd November 2012: Various family spent Melbourne Cup long weekend camping at Nug Nug. It was the first time camping for Kain and Lachlan. Photos are here.

26th May 2012: Paul and Ghislaine buy a house. It's a lovely family home in Bentleigh with lots of great living area. A photo of the happy buyers is here.

7th March 2012: Lachlan John Entwisle arrived at 8:42 pm at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern. Kendell and David are thrilled to welcome their first child. We are blessed with a second grandchild, who will be a cousin to Kain. Lachlan weighed in at 3.47 kg.

You can find photos of Lachlan here.

10th January 2012: Kain Julian Entwisle arrived at 7:47 pm at Freemason's Hospital. Ghislaine and Paul are thrilled to welcome their first child. Kain is our first grandchild and so is the first of the next generation of our family. He was born at Freemason's Hospital in Melbourne, weighing in at 4.165 kg (9 lb 3 oz in the old terminology) and 52.5 cm long.

Photos of the beautiful boy can be found here.

16th December 2011: Having spent two years teaching at Maffra and one year at Traralgon, Anne has returned to Melbourne. From next February, she teaches at St John's, Dandenong,

27th October 2011: The Cup Day holiday gave Bernadette & Michael the chance of a long weekend in FNQ, staying at the beautiful Canopy Treehouses and at Palm Cove.

25th September 2011: Bernadette & Michael headed for the outback, with Sue & John Reid and Mary & John Hawkins. We visited Lake Eyre (with plenty of water), Innamincka and Currawinya N.P. It was great to see the outback after some good rains.

21st April 2011: Michael and Matthew Fagan headed for Vladivostok. They planned to take the train to Moscow, with a few stops, and then on to the Crimea, Odessa and Istanbul.

13th April 2011: The Entwisle family spent a weekend at Licola. It was great to have everyone there, including Natalie, Mark and Amelea from Perth.

9th April 2011: Bernadette and Michael left for three weeks in the U.S. (Bernadette with a thermo-plastic cast on her broken wrist)

April 2011: Bernadette tripped and landed on her right wrist. Of course, it was broken and had to be pieced back together with metal plates and screws to hold it all together. So, Bernadette has some more medical metal buried inside her.

25th January 2011: Bernadette's mother, Joan Stewart, died on 25th January. Joan was born in Brighton on 22nd September 1918. She was a much-loved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who remained independent and elegant until her last days.

17th October 2010: Bernadette & Michael returned after a month in Spain & Portugal.

5th February 2010: After four years living and working in London, Ghislaine and Paul have now returned to live in Melbourne.

30th January 2010: Michael returned after a week skiing in Chamonix, followed by short stays in Geneva and Dubai (where he also did some skiing).

26th January 2010: Anne returned after four weeks in England and Europe, including a week skiing at Chamonix.

23rd January 2010: Bernadette & Joan have returned from a week in Perth, catching up with relatives and seeing the sights. See photos here.

16th December 2009: Bernadette & Michael returned from a five week holiday in the UK and Paris.

2nd November 2009: Kendell Hick married David Entwisle at Quat Quatta, followed by a reception. Ghislaine and Paul came from London for the week.

17th July 2009: Bernadette had her increasingly painful left hip replaced with a high-tech metal model. (see photo) Now it is weeks of limited but improving mobility as she builds strength and learns to walk well.

11th July 2009: After spending time in Toronto and then travelling through New York, Washington and Chicago, James has arrived back in Mlebourne.

6th April 2009: James has left Big White and is now travelling down the west coast of the US with three other friends in an old van that they have bought.

4th April 2009: Anne has now moved into new accommodation in Sale. It's her first experience living independently. There are some photos of the house here.

10th February 2009: Michael's retirement does not seem to be complete. He has registered Michael Entwisle & Associates and is now doing about two days a week IT consulting

25th January 2009: Anne has accepted a position as a teacher of Year 9 at Maffa Secondary College, so she will be moving out of home tomorrow to experience life in the country. Now all the "chicks" have flown from the nest!

20th December 2008: Paul & Ghislaine have arrived from London for Christmas. When they return in early January, Paul moves to a new job and they move into a new flat.

14th December 2008: Bernadette and Michael have now been married for 35 years! We had a dinner party with close family at a local restaurant to celebrate on 13th December. At the same time, Christine and Maurice reached the 38 years milestone.

16th November 2008: James left for Canada, on a two year working visa. He is living at the Big White ski resort and learning about the snow and the cold in Canada.

21st September 2008: After three years, Michael has left Alinta/Jemena. He has now retired - though others claim that he has form as a serial retiree. Let's see if it sticks this time.



South Georgia Panorama

Michael on South Georgia in January 2016, with a gigantic penguin colony in the valley below.

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Recent Travel News

Continuing with our theme that 2015 was the year of South America, Michael set off at year end for a trip to the Falklands (or Malvinas, if you are in Argentina), South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. No Bernadette on this one; the frozen wastes and the high seas have no appeal for her. Travel companions on this one were John Dixon and Mary & John Hawkins. It proved an exciting and enthralling journey.

Some pictures will be posted later.

South America
We decided that 2015 was the year of South America. We hadn't been there and Bernadette was keen to get to the Galapagos (in fact, so was Michael). So, we spent five weeks in Ecuador and Peru to begin our exploration of this fascinating part of the world.

Some pictures can be found here.

With Georgia's safe arrival, we decided that we could take a break during the July school holidays, so we booked for an Intrepid tour of Cambodia. This travelled from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok, via Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Battanbang. We added a few days in HCMC and the Mekong to the start and and day in Bangkok to fill out the time available.

Some pictures can be found here.

Darwin in the Wet
We travelled to Darwin about 20 years ago. We had always wanted to go back to see what Darwin and the national parks were like in the Wet, so we headed off in January 2014. To add some interest, we travelled on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin.

Some pictures can be found here.

Travels above the 49th parallel
We had always had in mind that we should visit Canada. Christine (Bernadette's sister) and husband Maurice has the same thought, so we planned a holiday together. Of course, Canada is an enormous country, so you have to make some choices. We wanted to see as much as possible, so we decided to take four weeks and see both the east and west coasts. We also wanted to avoid lots of "one night stops" - after all, this was a holiday.

We travelled to Montreal, Quebec and Toronto and, for the "Anne" fans, we spent a few days on Prince Edward Island. We then took the Canadien - the train across Canada from Toronto to Jasper, wher we spent a week in the Rockies. The another train, the Rocky Mountaineer, to Vancouver.

Bernadette and Michael had an ambition to see Alaska, and this seemed to be fairly close. So, we arrived two weeks befoire Christine & Maurice and took a cruise to Alaska and then spent four days travelling to Fairbanks via Denali National Park.

Some pictures of our travels are given here.

Winter in the Land of the Rising Sun!
The 2013 January school holidays presented an opportunity to visit Japan for three weeks. Bernadette, Anne and Michael made the journey. The trip was partly an opportunity to see the country and (for Michael & Anne) an opportunity to experience the powder snow of Niseko. It was great to experience Japan in winter, particularly on the Honshu mountains and in Hokkaido, where deep show covered the landscape. Some pictures are given here.

Lions and tigers and bears - Oh My!
The 2012 third term holidays were spent in Botswana. Bernadette and Michael flew to Jo'burg and joined a 14 day tour through the game reserves of Botswana, ending at Victoria Falls. They saw lots of animals and birds, including the famous "Big Five" - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Africa is amazing. The sense of being with the animals in their natural environment is fantastic and photos will never do it justice, but the best we can do are here.

Luxury, dust and gorgeous gorges
Bernadette and Michael spent the second term holidays in the Kimberleys. They flew to Broome for a few days and then set off in a hired 4WD campervan, travelling up the Gibb River Road to Kununurra before turning south along the highway back to Broome. They visted numbers of the gorges along the Gibb River Road, toook a flight over Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles and then visited Purnululu National Park to see the banded domes at close quarters. A few more days in Broome rounded out the two weeks. Some photos of the trip are here.

The Entwisle Clan gathers for 2012
The extended family spent the weekend of 20th May 2012 at the United Church camp at Merricks. This was a great location - we had enough rooms for everyone and a large community kitchen and gathering area. Everyone could make it, except Sue and Liz who were in the US. Natalie, Mark and Amelea came from Perth. We arrived on the Friday night for a "Mexican night", including burritos, taco, nachos, guacomole, margaritas and some pinata bashing. On Saturday, the many of the group went to the Enchanted Maze, while others went for a Spa or to other local attractions. The weather was kind, so we could have a kick of the footy and a campfire in the evening, followed by a meal to celebrate Pauline and Brian's 40th wedding anniversary (and also Kendell's birthday). Sunday was an opportunity for a walk on Merricks Beach and for Oli and Ben to play in the water ("don't get wet" - ha!). Some photos are here.

For Easter 2012, the senior Entwisle siblings and partners camped at Cohuna. While we were in the park, we had a good isolated spot by the water, so we had great views and no-one to bother us. Afterwards, Bernadette and Michael spent a few days at Nug Nug, near Myrtleford. Some photos are here.

Back to the Bush
In the Sept/Oct 2011 school holidays, Bernadette and Michael went camping on the outback - something that we hadn't done since the Birdsville trip in 2006. The party comprised ourselves, Mary & John Hawkins and Sue & John Reid. It was strange to be camping without kids, which had been our previous experiences together. We went to Lake Eyre, to Innamincka and to Currawinya National Park, over a two week period. Photos can be found here.

Vodka, borscht, caviar and trains.....
In May/June 2011, Michael and Matthew Fagan headed off to Russia. They travelled from Vladivostik to Odessa on the train, stopping at Irkutsk, Yekateringburg, Moscow, Belgorod and Sevastopol, a total distance on the rails of over 11,000 km (and 9 nights). From there they flew to Istanbul for a few days and then home. A blog of their trip is at Photos are here.

The Entwisle Clan gathers for 2011
In May 2011, The Entwisle Family spent a weekend at Licola. We stayed at the Lions Village (which is about all there is in Licola) and enjoyed the open air, along with a little rain. In spite of our best attempts, the local fish population remained fairly safe. All the children came, with partners and children aplenty, including Natalie, Mark and Amelea from distant Perth. Photos are here.

Them and U.S.
In April 2011, Bernadette and Michael spent three weeks in the U.S. The trip was to visit a number of cities (Boston, New York, Washington & San Francisco) and to drive through California and spend a few days at Yosemite. Photos can be found here.

Walking the Way of St James
In September and October 2010, Bernadette & Michael walked the final 270 km of the Camino in Spain, from Leon to Santiago de Compostela. They followed this with a week in Portugal. Photos can be found here.

Hitting the slopes in France
Anne spent four weeks in London, Paris, Rome & Florence, from just before Christmas 2009. For the last week she was skiing in Chamonix with Paul and Michael. There are some photos of the skiing here.

Aspects of Ireland, England and Paris
Bernadette & Michael travelled to the UK and Paris for five weeks following Kendell & David's wedding in early November 2009. They started in Northern Ireland and travelled through parts of the UK (Glasgow, Lake District, Peak District and Wales), before spending four days on a canal boat at Rugby. Then followed a week in Paris and a week in London. Photos are posted here.

The Entwisle Clan gathers for 2009
For Easter 2009, the family destination was Naracoorte, in the Limestone Coast area, just across the border in S.A. Gerard, Carole, Pauline, Brian, Clare, Bernadette and Michael all made the journey. There are some photos here.

A Journey through Time and the Middle East
Bernadette and Michael spent seven weeks travelling in Europe and the Middle East from September to November 2008. Photos are now available. You will find our travel blog at

Recent Family Happenings

On 15th July 2012 we had a double celebration. Both Kain Julian Entwisle and Lachlan John Entwisle were baptised at St Finbar's Church, East Brighton. Coincidently, this is where their fathers were baptised. A celebration party followed at Lockwood Avenue.

On 10th January 2012 Kain Julian Entwisle (4.165 kg and 52.5 cm long) arrived and then on 7th March 2012 Lachlan John Entwisle (3.47 kg) arrived. Bernadette and Michael are now grandparents.

The Entwisle/Phipps Christmas lunch was at the Entwisles this year, with the Lowrys joining in also. Threatened hot weather and storms meant that we opted for safety and comfort and ate indoors. Some photos are here.

Ghislaine and Paul have announced that they are expecting their first child, a boy, in January 2012. A few months later, Kendell and David announced that they were to have their first child in April 2012 - yes, another boy.